Faculty and Staff

Dr. Charlene Boyer Lewis is the Director of the WGS Program

Karyn Boatwright

Professor of Psychology

Email: Karyn.Boatwright@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7110
Office: Olds/Upton 403G

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Christine Hahn

Associate Professor of Art

Email: Christine.Hahn@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7527
Office: Light Fine Arts, 21

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Charlene Boyer Lewis

Professor of History,
Director of WGS
and American Studies

Email: Charlene.Boyerlewis@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7058
Office: Dewing, 303E

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Ivette Lopez Malagamba

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Email: Ivette.LopezMalagamba@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7049
Office: Dewing 203C

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Anne Marie Butler

Assistant Professor of Art History
and Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Email: AnneMarie.Butler@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.5719
Office: Light fine Arts, 207

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Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada

Assistant Professor of Religion

Email: Alyssa.Maldanado-Estrada@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7426
Office: Humphrey House 107

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Christina Carroll

Assistant Professor of History

Email: Christina.Caroll@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7056
Office: Dewing, 303C

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Elizabeth Manwell

Professor of Classics

Chair of Classics

Email: Elizabeth.Manwell@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7405
Office: Humphrey House, 106

Kyla Day-Fletcher

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Email: Kyla.Day@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.5784
Office: Olds/Upton 403F

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Taylor Petrey

Associate Professor of Religion

Religion Department Chair

Email: Taylor.Petrey@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7286
Office: Humphrey House, 109

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Jennifer Einspahr

Associate Professor of Political Science

Chair of Political Science

Email: Jennifer.Einspahr@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7059
Office: Olds-Upton, 305A

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Rochelle Rojas

Assistant Professor of History

Email: Rochelle.Rojas@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7123
Office: Dewing, 303D

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Amy Elman

Professor of Political Science

Email: Amy.Elman@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7106
Office: Olds-Upton, 305D

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Kathryn Sederberg

Assistant Professor of German

Co-Chair of German Studies

Email: Kathryn.Sederberg@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7587
Office: Dewing, 211A

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Ryan Fong

Associate Professor of English

Email: Ryan.Fong@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7046
Office: Humphrey House, 209

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Amy Smith

Professor of English

Phone: 269.337.7036
Office: Humphrey House, 213

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Ren Pruis

Associate Professor of Theater Arts

Chair of Theater Arts

Email: Ren.Pruis@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7128
Office: Light Fine Arts, 74A

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Noriko Sugimori

Associate Professor of Japanese

Email: Noriko.Sugimori@kzoo.edu
Phone: 269.337.7408
Office: Dewing, 212B

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